Attractive, sexy, leggy, blonde, beautiful, athletic… naked. Hollywood producer Ross Puttnam recently made headlines sharing, on a dedicated twitter account, the sexist one line descriptions of female lead characters in film scripts. Their tight jeans, stiletto heels, fit bodies and fuck-me-eyes are what defines them. Some of those characters, it turns out, have sense of humour, a functioning brain or a career but that description always comes after. If ever.

Women on screen are objectified, they exist primarily for the male gaze. It’s no big news. But now we know that it’s not only a matter of stereotyped casting choices, star power, glossy direction: too often in films they are actually conceived like that, their beauty the first and most relevant attribute from the written page.

The exceptions are rare. But very welcome. Continue reading “Let’s celebrate Women’s Day with two TV characters subverting Hollywood gender stereotypes”