If you think your life is complicated because everyday you struggle to balance work, family and quality time with your partner, then find an extra hour per week to take a look at The Americans and you’ll think it twice.

The TV series, whose fourth season premieres today on FX, transports us back in the eighties to follow the life of Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, two undercover Soviet spies trained and paired by KGB to live in Washington DC and play the role of the perfect suburban American family. They work as travel agents by day and secret agents by night. They even had two kids together, now in their teens, who offer the perfect cover. Nobody suspects that when mum and dad leave them with a babysitter for the evening, usually it’s not for dinner and a movie but for some dangerous secret mission to collect strategic government datas and transmit them to their motherland. Phillip and Elizabeth’s worst enemy is Stan Beeman, a FBI agent dedicated to find the Russian spies living on US soil and arrest them. Coincidence, he’s also their neighbor. And seems determined to become their best friend.

Now that is a complicated life. Continue reading “Sex, lies and microfilms: what the spies in The Americans tell us about our lives”