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A small foot for a Yeti, a giant step for mankind

sma3Over the years, American animated films taught us priceless pieces of wisdom.

You are what you choose to be – The Iron Giant, Lilo and Stitch, Wreck it Ralph, Monsters Inc., Zootopia

Live, don’t hide– Finding Nemo, The Croods, Toy Story 2 and 3

Follow your dream, wherever it may lead – Tangled, Ratatouille, Moana

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you’ll get what you need – The Princess and the Frog

The second born is unfit to reign and primogeniture rule is intrinsically right – The Lion King

Dress to impress – Cinderella

But never before a big budget animated movie dared to teach us, and our children, to quit religion and dig science. Enter Smallfoot, a hybrid between King Kong and Shymalan’s The Village. Continue reading “A small foot for a Yeti, a giant step for mankind”


Summer recipe: Incredibles 2. How to transform a brilliant story into a warmed-up Disney superhero movie


Try it at home with the film of your choice and change it into the perfect Disney summer tentpole.

Difficulty: **

Expense: *****

Originality: *

Calories: *****

Ingredients: superheroes, but it works with anything, really. Try it with intergalactic conflicts.

Directions: take a film and make it again. No need of a new plot, just make it bigger, louder, more colorful, more crowded, more repetitive. To spice things up, put a girl at the centre of it. Your audience will love it and ask for more… Or not?

Here the detailed instructions.

Continue reading “Summer recipe: Incredibles 2. How to transform a brilliant story into a warmed-up Disney superhero movie”

The power of love. Ode to Back to the Future (NOT the typical teenage celebrity crush).


The first time I fell in love was not with someone I ever met.

I was 11 year old when, on a Sunday night, I went to the cinema and saw Back To The Future. It was a revelation. It captured me like only Raiders Of The Lost Ark did a few years before. But now I was a teenager and there was something more in my excitement: it was love. I fell over heels for Michael J. Fox. Or so I thought at the time. Continue reading “The power of love. Ode to Back to the Future (NOT the typical teenage celebrity crush).”

Take Shelter (spoiler alert!)


In the film’s final scene, the protagonist’s wife acknowledges she was wrong all along and he was right. Never mind the apocalyptic storm coming and their imminent death, for men all over the world that is a happy ending.

Blade Runner 2049

bladerunner2049-2When building replicants, “more human than human is our motto”. Well they sure did a good job with K. When the police tells our replicant hero he only has 48 hours before they start chasing him… the first thing he does is a threesome.

I can’t get no satisfaction: lament of the frustrated moviegoer

Lately, I can’t get much satisfaction from Hollywood films. And I mean big, fat, Oscar contenders films.

I read the reviews, I enter the movie theatre with great expectations, I come out disappointed. There’s more: I feel guilty for making my husband go through such pain. I assure him that friends and critics loved it and it looked like a safe bet. I come back home angry and incredulous, wondering how can I be the only one disliking so much films that seem to please everyone else. Didn’t they notice the lack of character development, the misogynist clichés, uninspired direction, stiff acting, out of focus close shots, poor audio quality, plot holes…? I go to IMDB to find like-minded opinions, I express my disappointment leaving a 4 star rating on the film page, I snark at the 10 stars reviews and read only the ones that start with “Two hours of my life I will never get back” and “I opened an account just to write this negative review”. But that only makes me angrier. I change my rating to 3 stars. I realize, once again, that I take films, maybe life, too seriously.

Then I save the night with a good TV series. And the magic happens. Continue reading “I can’t get no satisfaction: lament of the frustrated moviegoer”

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid”.

Han Solo, Star Wars

The P word

When Snow White first debuted in cinemas in 1937, Walt Disney not only invented the hand-drawn animated feature film, but reinvented traditional fairy tales for the modern audience, creating a new genre. He removed the cruelest and more disturbing parts of the stories, added musical style songs and funny animal sidekicks. Then, over the last twenty years, his company has moved progressively away from conservative and patriarchal clichés: female characters are now more interesting, independent and equal to their male counterparts, love at first sight has given way to more unpredictable and sparkly relationships, ethnic diversity was introduced with Arab, Native American, Afro-American and Polynesian  princesses. There is only one aspect of the fairy tales the American cartoon factory has a hard time letting go of: the royal status of its heroines.

Continue reading “The P word”

The Trolls Paradox


Countless Hollywood films encouraged us to stop looking for the elusive Holy Grail and realize that the treasure we so desperately crave, happiness, is already in our life. We just need to open our eyes and heart… There is no place like home, learned Dorothy after her misadventures in Oz. You don’t need to travel the world to change it, discovered a suicidal James Stewart on a magical Christmas Eve. The key to fulfillment and success has been in front of you the whole time, was Jerry McGuire’s epiphany.

Trolls, Dreamworks last animated feature, just shared its insight on the matter. And it’s the last thing you would expect from a merchandise-driven movie. Continue reading “The Trolls Paradox”

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