It’s hard to be separated from the ones we love. To be able to see them only once in the last ten years. Without knowing when we’ll meet them again. If ever.

We shared a part of our lives with them. We were so close, we finished each other’s sandwiches.

However it will end, we’ll never forget them. A part of them is always with us, in our hearts.

I’m talking about Arrested Development, of course (why, what were you thinking?).


That’s why I was especially happy to see Jeffrey Tambor, Tony Hale and Julia Louise-Dreyfuss win their Emmys on Tuesday night: I know they were honored for their acting in Transparent and VEEP, but for me they will always be part of the Bluth gang. We miss you guys.

If we don’t hear ever again from you, well, it means somebody in Hollywood is making a Huge Mistake.