Too much TV. Or, better, too much good  TV. FX’s CEO John Landgraf said it first. But who hasn’t felt that way lately?

Complaining about too many interesting programs on television may seem odd. And ungrateful. It is not, if you love TV series so much you want to watch as many as you can and still, for some reason, you insist on having a life, a job, a family and getting out there once in a while to see how the real world looks like.

In this hilarious clip from the 67th Emmy Awards, Andy Samberg, unable to partecipate in his friends’ conversations about GOTMad MenGirls and Empire, tries to catch up on every single show on TV locking himself in a bunker for a whole year. A bunker with no toilet.

A bit extreme? Yes, if you refer to the toilet detail. Quite accurate, instead, the estimated time to dedicate to the ambitious, crazy project. In 2014  the (English language) TV series reached the unprecedented number of 371. By the end of 2015 they will be more than 400. Each one has at least 8 episodes. And the average quality is incredibly good. Damn!

Prepare your bunkers, TV addicts… but please remember to put in a shower!